Top 10 similar words or synonyms for lined

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for lined

Article Example
Alsis Ang alsis ("Lutjanus quinquelineatus"; Ingles: "Five-Lined Snapper") ay isang uri ("species") ng isda.
Lapu lapu Ang lapulapu o lapu lapu ("Epinephelus undulosus"; Ingles: "wavy-lined grouper"; binabaybay ding lapu-lapu) ay isang uri ng isda. Tinatawag din itong abo-abo.
Cities: Skylines Roads can be built straight or free-form and the grid used for zoning adapts to road shape; cities need not follow a grid plan. Roads of varying widths (up to major freeways) accommodate different traffic volumes, and variant road types (for example roads lined with trees) offer reduced noise pollution or increased property values in the surrounding area at an increased cost to the player.
Ctenolepisma lineata Ang Ctenolepisma lineata (Ingles: "Four-lined Silverfish") ay isang primitibong kulisap na nasa ordeng Thysanura. Pangkalahatang kahawig ito ng malapit na kaugnay na isdang pilak ngunit maaaring mapagkaiba dahil sa pagiging mas matataba at hindi gaanong makintab ng "Ctenolepisma lineata", at sa pagkakaroon nito ng kapansin-pansing mas mahahabang mga sanga (mga antena at 3 mga "buntot"). Karaniwang may markang mga guhit na madirilim na mga linya ang tiyan, kaya't paminsan-minsang tinatawag ang uri bilang isdang pilak na may apat na mga guhit.
Linyang Yamanote In January 2012, it was announced that the Yamanote line would get a new station, the first new station in 40 years. The distance between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations is 2.2 km, making it the longest stretch of track on the Yamanote Line by both distance and time (3 minutes). The new station will be constructed on top of the current 20-hectare railyard which is undergoing redevelopment by JR-East. The Yamanote Line and the Keihin Tohoku Line will be moved a bit to the east to be lined closer to the Shinkansen tracks. The area on the west side of the yard that will become available will be redeveloped with high-rise office buildings, creating an international business center with good connections to the Shinkansen and Haneda Airport. The construction of the new station is expected to start in fiscal 2014. This will bring the Yamanote line's total number of stations to 30 from 29.