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Aktinido Of the actinides, primordial thorium and uranium occur naturally in substantial quantities and small amounts of persisting natural plutonium have also been identified. The radioactive decay of uranium produces transient amounts of actinium and protactinium, and atoms of neptunium, americium, curium, berkelium and californium are occasionally produced from transmutation reactions in uranium ores. The other actinides are purely synthetic elements. Nuclear weapons tests have released at least six actinides heavier than plutonium into the environment; analysis of debris from a 1952 hydrogen bomb explosion showed the presence of americium, curium, berkelium, californium, einsteinium and fermium.
Berkelyo Ang berkelyo o berkelyum (, Ingles: "berkelium") ay isang sintetiko at trans-uranikong elementong kimikal na may siyam na mga isotopo. Mayroon itong sagisag na Bk, atomikong bilang na 97 at balensiyang 3 o 4. Mayroon din itong bilang ng masang magmula 243 magpahanggang 250, at ang kalahating mga buhay na magmula 3 oras magpahanggang 1,380 mga taon. Natuklasan ito nina Glenn T. Seaborg, Albert Ghiorso, Stanley G. Thompson, at Kenneth Street, Jr. sa Pamantasan ng California, Berkeley noong Disyembre 1949.
Aktinido Actinides easily react with halogens forming salts with the formulas MX and MX (X = halogen). So the first berkelium compound, BkCl, was synthesized in 1962 with an amount of 3 nanograms. Like the halogens of rare earth elements, actinide chlorides, bromides, and iodides are water soluble, and fluorides are insoluble. Uranium easily yields a colorless hexafluoride, which sublimates at a temperature of 56.5 °C; because of its volatility, it is used in the separation of uranium isotopes with gas centrifuge or gaseous diffusion. Actinide hexafluorides have properties close to anhydrides. They are very sensitive to moisture and hydrolyze forming AnOF. The pentachloride and black hexachloride of uranium were synthesized, but they are both unstable.