Top 10 similar words or synonyms for women

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for women

Article Example
Вашингтон Washington has the distinction for being the first and so far only state to elect women to all three major statewide offices (state governor and two U.S. Senate seats) at the same time.
Пахта The cottonseed which remains after the cotton is ginned is used to produce cottonseed oil, which after refining can be consumed by humans like any other vegetable oil. The cottonseed meal that is left is generally fed to livestock. In the past, cotton seeds were used by women as an abortifacient.
Заминҳои минборони сарҳади Ӯзбакистон-Тоҷикистон The Uzbek-Tajikistan border minefields are the result of Uzbekistan's unilateral decision to indiscriminately mine rural areas along its border region with Tajikistan. Aimed at hindering drug trafficking and cross-border infiltrations of terrorists of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in the area, it is Tajik civilians of the border areas who suffer, with most of the victims being women and children gathering firewood or tending their cattle near the border. Almost all who have survived have been maimed for life. Uzbekistan asserts that it is placing mines in its territory, but so far not all the boundaries between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have been delineated. By 2004 Tajikistan and Uzbekistan had settled almost 86% of their 1,283-km border dispute following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.