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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for now

Article Example
Минтақаҳои замонӣ World Time Now (Tags file KMZ for Google Earth)
Вашингтон Because of the overland migration along the Oregon Trail, many settlers wandered north to what is now Washington and settled the Puget Sound area. The first settlement was New Market (now known as Tumwater) in 1846. In 1853, Washington Territory was formed from part of Oregon Territory.
PAC Fletcher PAC Fletcher () — як ҳавогарди сохтаи Fletcher Aviation, rights now with Pacific Aerospace. аст. Ин ҳавогард дар нахустин парвози худро анҷом дод.
Пахта The cotton industry relies heavily on chemicals such as fertilizers and insecticides, although a very small number of farmers are moving towards an organic model of production and organic cotton products are now available for purchase at limited locations.
Антарктида In 1841, explorer James Clark Ross passed through what is now known as the Ross Sea and discovered Ross Island. He sailed along a huge wall of ice that was later named the Ross Ice Shelf. Mount Erebus and Mount Terror are named after two ships from his expedition: "HMS Erebus" and "HMS Terror".