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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for figures

Article Example
Вашингтон Washington is a leading agricultural state. (The following figures are from the Washington State Office of Financial Management and the Washington Agricultural Statistics Service.)
Буддаи Бомиён Chinese Buddhist pilgrim Hsüan-tsang (Xuanzang) passed through the area around 630 AD and described Bamiyan as a flourishing Buddhist centre "with more than ten monasteries and more than a thousand monks", and he noted that both Buddha figures were "decorated with gold and fine jewels" (Wriggins, 1995).
Буддаи Бомиён Though the figures of the two large Buddhas are almost completely destroyed, their outlines and some features are still recognizable within the recesses. It is also still possible for visitors to explore the monks' caves and the passages which connect them. As part of the international effort to rebuild Afghanistan after the Taliban war, the Government of Japan and several other organizations, among them the Afghanistan Institute in Bubendorf, Switzerland (it can be considered as the "Afghan National Museum in Exile" during the Taliban Period) along with the ETH in Zurich, have committed themselves to rebuilding the two largest Buddhas; anastylosis is one technique being considered.
Салмонхон In 2005, news outlets released what was said to be an illicit copy of a mobile phone call recorded in 2001 by the Mumbai police. It appeared to be a call in which he threatened his ex-girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai, in an effort to force her to appear at social events held by Mumbai crime figures. The call featured boasts of connections to organized crime and derogatory comments about other actors. The alleged tape was tested in the Government's Forensic lab in Chandigarh, which concluded that it was a fake.
Кишварҳои мусулмоннишин Most of the percentages of Muslim populations of each country, if not stated otherwise, were taken from the study by the Pew Research Center report of "The Future of the Global Muslim Population", as of 27 January 2011. Other studies show variance with Pew figures. The percentage of Muslims in Egypt is given as 93,7 %. However, the figure for Christians in Egypt is usually estimated at 12-15 %, but in truth nobody knows since there has been no religious census. Likewise the percentage of Christians in Jordan is usually estimated to be 6-7 %.