Top 10 similar words or synonyms for england

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for england

Article Example
Radley-England waterplanes Radley-England waterplanes () — як ҳавогарди аст. Ин ҳавогард дар 1913 нахустин парвози худро анҷом дод.
Taylorcraft Auster Taylorcraft Auster () — як ҳавогарди сохтаи Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Limited аст . Нахустин истифодакунандаи ин ҳавогард Royal Air Force будааст.
Christopher Birdwood, 2nd Baron Birdwood The son of Field Marshal Lord Birdwood and Janetta Hope Gonville Bromhead (daughter of Sir Benjamin Parnell Bromhead, 4th Baronet, and niece of Gonville Bromhead, VC). He was baptised at Twickenham, London, England.
Линди Ингленд Линди Рана Ингленд (Lynndie Rana England) (соли таваллудаш 8 ноябр, 1982) собиқ афсари Артиши ИМА, ки дар Ширкати Полиси Ҳарбии 372ум хизмат мекард. Ӯ ва як чанд нафар хизматчиён соли 2005 аз тарафаи суди ҳарбӣ ба ҷинояткор ҳисобида шуд ба - дар алоқа бо Зӯровариҳо дар Абу Ғрайб дар Зиндони Марказии Бағдод дар Бағдод.
Вақти Ҳамоҳангсозии Ҷаҳонӣ Originally, the local time at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England was chosen as standard at the 1884 International Meridian Conference, leading to the widespread use of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in order to set local clocks. This location was chosen because by 1884 two-thirds of all charts and maps already used it as their Prime Meridian. In 1929, the term Universal Time (UT) was introduced to refer to GMT with the day starting at midnight. Until the 1950s, broadcast time signals were based on UT, and hence on the rotation of the Earth.