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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for statements

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మానవతావాదం When people speak of Humanism in general, they are sometimes referring to secular humanism as a default meaning. Some secular humanists take this even further by denying that less anti-religious humanists qualify as genuine humanists. Others feel that the ethical side of humanism transcends the issue of religion, because being a good person is more important than rejecting supernatural beliefs. The Humanist Manifestos, which represent consensus statements of Humanists, present Humanism as an ethical process and a religion through which we can move above and beyond both the divisive particulars of older religious stances and the negation of these.
మానవతావాదం Some have interpreted Humanism to be a form of , regarding humans as being more important than other species. The philosopher Peter Singer, himself a Humanist, stated that "despite many individual exceptions, Humanists have, on the whole, been unable to free themselves from one of the most central... Christian dogmas: the prejudice of speciesism". He called on Humanists to "take a stand against... ruthless exploitation of other sentient beings", and took issue with statements in the , which he felt gave "precedence to the interests of members of our own species." He also noted, however, that the same Manifesto stated that humans have "no God-given or inherent right to subdue other animals", and acknowledged that "the organizations that have done the most for animals have been independent of religion."
జిహాద్ The beginnings of Jihad are traced back to the words and actions of Muhammad and the Qu’ran. This word of Allah explicitly encourages the use of Jihad against the unbelievers. Sura 25, verse 52 states: “Therefore, do not obey the disbelievers, and strive against them with this, a great striving.” It was, therefore, the duty of all Muslims to strive against those who did not believe in Allah and took offensive action against Muslims. The Qu’ran, however, never uses the term Jihad for fighting and combat in the name of Allah; qital is used to mean “fighting.” The struggle for Jihad in the Qu’ran was originally intended for the nearby neighbors of the Muslims, but as time passed and more enemies arose, the Qu’ranic statements supporting Jihad were updated for the new adversaries. The first documentation of the law of Jihad was written by ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Awza’i and Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybani. The document grew out of debates that had surfaced ever since Muhammad's death.
పూర్వము పూర్వము [ pūrvamu ] pūrvamu సంస్కృతం adj. First, former, prior, preceding, initial, before, in front of: old, ancient. మొదటిది, మొదటి చోటిది, మొదటికాలపుది. East, eastern. మొదటిదిక్కుది. adv. Formerly, of old. తత్పూర్వము previously, before which, before that (time or occurrence.) n. Former or ancient times, days of old. పూర్వ pūrva. n. The east తూర్పు. పూర్వకము pūrvakamu. adj. Originating in, made of, arising from. బుద్ధి పూర్వకమైన intentional, originating in purpose. వ్రాత పూర్వకమైన in writing. When added to many nouns it makes them adjectives as వినయ పూర్వకమైన humble, humbly expressed. పూర్వకముగా pūrvakamu-gā. adv. As a token of. As, through, by way of, a token of. As, through, by way of, in accordance with. ప్రమాణ పూర్వకముగా on oath. దాన పూర్వకముగా willingly, voluntarily. మంత్ర పూర్వకముగా by means of spells, magically. వినయ పూర్వకముగా humbly. పూర్వగంగ pūrva-ganga. n.The river Narbada. పూర్వజ pūrvaja. n. An elder sister. అక్క. పూర్వజన్మము pūrva-janmamu. n. A former birth. పూర్వజన్మ ఫలము purva-janma-phalamu. n. The result of action in a former birth. Destiny, fortune, fate. పూర్వజుడు pūrvajuḍu. n. An elder brother, అన్న. పూర్వదేవుడు or పూర్వగీర్వాణుడు pūrva-dēvuḍu. n. An elder god, a Rakshasa, రాక్షసుడు, తొలివేల్పు. పూర్వపక్షము or పూర్వసిద్ధాంతము pūrva-pakshamu. n. An argument, one side of a question in logic, వాదము. An objection to an argument. నా మాటలు పూర్వపక్షములే all my words were mere statements. పూర్వపక్షమై పోయిన refuted, rebutted. పూర్వపర్వతము or పూర్వాద్రి pūrva-parvatamu. n. The eastern mountain out of which the sun is supposed to rise. పూర్వరంగము pūrva-rangamu. n. A commencement, prologue, overture. నాటకమునకు మొదలు. BD. iii. 97. పూర్వాభముఖుడు pūrv-ābhi-mukhuḍu. n. One who faces the east. పూర్వార్థము pūrv-ārdhamu. n. A former half. పూర్వాషాఢ pūrv-āshāḍa. n. The name of a lunar constellation. పూర్వాహ్ణము pūrv-āhnamu. n. The first part of the day, the forenoon, దినపూర్వభాగము. పూర్వులు or పూర్వవికులు pūrvulu. n. Ancestors, forefathers, predecessors. పూర్వోత్తర దిక్కు pūrv-ōttara-dikku. n. The north east, ఈశాన్యం పూర్వోత్తరము pūrv-ōttaramu. n. The whole of an affiar, from the first (పూర్వము) to the last (ఉత్తరము.) Particulars, details. దాని పూర్వోత్తరము ఎరుగను I know nothing whatever about it. నీ పూర్వోత్తరమేమో చెప్పు tell me your antecedents. పూర్వోత్పన్నము pūrv-ōtpannamu. adj. Primeval. అనాదియైన.