Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sins

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sins

Article Example
రిబా Riba is considered amongst the Seven heinous sins (Al-Saba al-Mubiqat - ), namely:
పాతకము పాతకము [ pātakamu ] pātakamu. సంస్కృతం n. A sin, a crime, నేరము. పంచ మహాపాతకములు the five great sins, viz, killing a Brahmin (బ్రహ్మ హత్య), stealing gold (స్వర్ణస్తేయము,) drinking intoxicating liquor (సురాపానము) dishonoring a teacher's wife (గురుపత్నీగమనము) and association with such as are guilty of any of these sins (ఇవి చేయువారి తోడి సహవాసము) పాతకి or పాతకుడు pātaki. n. A sinner.
రిబా The crimes of dealing in riba are so serious that God has declared war against those who deal in it. Muhammad has cursed anyone who deals with riba, the one who takes it, the one who pays it and the one who records it, as their sins are considered equal under the Quran.
సైదాపేట్ The temple is very nice to see and the breeze of three vrikchas providing the heeling touch to all the devotees and the spiritual vibration of temple lead each of us to have a Dharshan of Sri Soundareswarar and Thirupurasundari at least once in a life to cleanse our sins and make our soul happy and peaceful.
అశ్లీల సాహిత్యం Pioneering works of male homosexual erotica from this time were "The Sins of the Cities of the Plain" (1881), which features the celebrated Victorian transvestite duo of Boulton and Park as characters, and "Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal" (1893).
ఇస్లామీయ పాఠశాలలు మరియు శాఖలు The Murjites exited the way of the Sunnis when they declared that no Muslim would enter the hellfire, no matter what his sins. This contradicts the traditional Sunni belief that some Muslims will enter the hellfire temporarily. Therefore the Murjites are classified as "Ahlul Bid'ah" or "People of Innovation" by Sunnis, particularly Salafis.
మహాలక్ష్మీ ఆలయం, కొల్హాపూర్ The city is referred in many Puranas. Research guesses that it was in existence in the times of Parashuram. The time is considered parallel to that of Mata peeth (Mahurgad), Sapta Shringi (Nasik) and Bhavani Peetha, in the Ramayana times. Karveer washes off great sins. There are many ancient, rich temples, holy places and gardens.
పావనము పావనము [ pāvanamu ] pāvanamu. సంస్కృతం adj. Pure, clean, purifying, holy. పవిత్రము. నేడు సుదినము నా జన్మము పావనమాయెను this happy day blots out all my sins: (a common phrase of joy.) పరముకన్ననేమి పావనమాసోమ్ము is wealth any object in comparison with heaven? పరమపావనీ O most holy One! పావనము చేయు to purify. ఆయన ఈ రాజ్యమును పావనము చేసెను he reformed this realm. n. Penance, purification. ప్రాయశ్చిత్తము. Water. జలము. A vow, వ్రతము. "పావనశయ వారిజాతముల భవ్యగణార్చలొనర్చు నిత్యమున్." Chenn. v. 264. పావనశయమనగా, జలాశయము. పావని pāvani. [from పవనము, wind.] n. A name of Hanuman or Bhīma. R. vi. 67. A pure or holy woman, పవిత్రురాలు. పావనుడు pāvanudu. n. The purifier: an epithet of Agni, the god of fire. పరకుపావనుడు the all-holy one.
ఇస్లామీయ పాఠశాలలు మరియు శాఖలు A Maturidi is one who follows Abu Mansur Al Maturidi's theology, which is a close variant of the Ash'ari school. Points which differ are the nature of belief and the place of human reason. The Maturidis state that belief ("iman") does not increase nor decrease but remains static; it is piety ("taqwa") which increases and decreases. The Ash'aris say that belief does in fact increase and decrease. The Maturidis say that the unaided human mind is able to find out that some of the more major sins such as alcohol or murder are evil without the help of revelation. The Ash'aris say that the unaided human mind is unable to know if something is good or evil, lawful or unlawful, without divine revelation.