Top 10 similar words or synonyms for premchand

ilahabad    0.984886

hams    0.976531

prakasan    0.974275

sarovar    0.967349

karyalaya    0.966516

samskruthi    0.960574

gnana    0.959852

sela    0.956762

kose    0.956014

tho    0.954763

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for premchand

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భీష్మ సహనీ Kamleshwar,"Bhisham Sahni's name is etched so deeply into the twentieth century of Hindi literature that it cannot be erased. With Independence and till the 11th. July, 2003, this name has been synonymous with Hindi story and play writing. Bhisham Sahni had gained such an unmatched popularity that all kinds of readers awaited his new creations and each and every word of his was read. There was no need to ask a general reader if he had read this or that writing by Bhisham. It was possible to begin a sudden discussion on his stories or novels. Such a rare readerly privilege was either available to Premchand or, after Harishankar Parsai, to Bhisham Sahni. This too is rare that the fame he received from Hindi should, during his lifetime, become the fame for Hindi itself."