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ఉండవల్లి From Vijayawada Pandit nehru busstand to Undavalli we have bus facility on every 40 minutes.
గుర్‌దాస్‌పూర్ [[File:Pandit-Lekh-Ram-(1858-1897).jpg|180px|thumb| Pandit Lekh Ram (1858 – 6 March 1897) ]]
సంపత్ కుమార్ 1964 - “Abhijñānaśākuntalam” Sanskrit dance drama, performed before several Governors and Chief Minister at Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad drew the special acclaim of President Dr. Radakrishnan and Prime Minister Pandit Nehru.
చంద్రకాంత్ పండిత్ 1961 సెప్టెంబర్ 30 న మహారాష్ట్ర లోని ముంబాయిలో జన్మించిన చంద్రకాంత్ పండిత్ (Chandrakant Sitaram Pandit) భారతదేశపు మాజీ క్రికెట్ క్రీడాకారుడు. ఇతడు భారత జట్టు తరఫున 1986 నుంచి 1992 మధ్యకాలంలో 5 టెస్టు మ్యాచ్ లు 36 వన్డే మ్యాచ్‌లలో ఆడినాడు. అంతర్జాతీయ క్రికెట్ నుంచి నిష్క్రమించిన తర్వాత ముంబాయి క్రికెట్ టీంకు కోచ్ గా సేవలందించాడు. 1987 ప్రపంచ కప్ క్రికెట్ ఆడిన భారత జట్టులో ఇతను కూడా ప్రాతినిధ్యం వహించాడు.
జమ్ము (కాశ్మీర్) Being comparatively safe from terrorism, Jammu has become a hub of refugees.At present there are about 9-13 lakhs refugees living in and around Jammu in different relief camps. These primarily include Kashmiri Pandit IDP who migrated from Kashmir in 1989 due to terrorism, POK refugees(mainly Hindus), refugees from Reasi, Doda and Kishtwar(both Hindus and Muslims).
వైధ్యనాథ లింగం - చితా భూమి The pandas who perform different poojans for devotees are very important persons. They have a union called "Dharmarakshini Sabha" founded by revolutionary Pandit Shivram Jha.The devotee can also buy Peda as prasad from Babadham. Peda is a local speciality of Deoghar. Babadham has a regular and well maintained office to accept offerings and donations.
డెంకనల్ This temple belongs to Sri Sri Naganatheswar Shiva, situated at village "Nagena" about 20 km from Dhenkanal. It is the most ancient Siva temple and was constructed during the region of the Keshari dynasty. According to scholars Pandit Nagendranath Mohapatras' "Naganath Satakam" it is one of the 12 "Yotir Lingas". In the stotras of the "Awashyotirlinga" one of the Yotirlinga is in the Daruka-Vana or Neem forest. The neem forest is still there in the premises. Even Hari Singh Vidyadhar who occupied the Dhenkanal fragmental temple for the darshan of Lord Naganath. The sloka of "Dwadasha Yotirlinga" says that Naganath temple is situated in the southernmost part of Anga Kingdom. It shows that some times in history that part Kalinga touched Anga border. However, near it there is a debris of a fort which is still unidentified. Here river Brahmani turns to north which is as holy as the Gangas.
ఔరైయా The occupation, however, was merely nominal at first; the zamindars refused to pay revenue to Inayat Khan and, secure in their mud forts set his authority at defiance. Strong reinforcements were sent to the Rohillas, including some artillery, under Sheikh Kuber and Mullah Baz Khan, and many of the smaller forts were levelled to the grounds; but in their ravine fortresses the zamindars of Kamait in the trans-Yamuna tract still resisted the authority of Inayat Khan. Hafiz Rahmat and Inayat Khan then came in person to Etawah and operations were vigorously pressed against the refractory zamindars. Ultimately an annual tribute was agreed to by the latter. Hafiz Rahmat then departed to Bareilly, and Rohilla garrisons were established at convenient places in the district. Meanwhile a new minister arose at Delhi called Najib Khan, better known as Najib-ud-daula, Amir-ul-umra, Shuja-ud-daula succeeded Safdar Jang as Nawab Wazir and occupied most of the Bangash possessions as far as Aligarh, with the exception of those granted by the Durrani to the Rohillas after he battle of Pandit. But the wazir's hostility to the Farrukhabad Afghans had not abated one jot, and in 1762 he persuaded Najib-ud-daula to join him in an attack on Farrukhabad. The attack was beaten off by the aid of Hafiz Rahmat Khan and matters once more settled down peacefully.
ఔరైయా Under the Rohillas In 1760 A.D. Ahmad Shah Durrani invaded India; he was opposed in 1761 by the Marathas on the field of Panipat and inflicted on them a signal defeat. Among other Maratha chieftains Govind Rao Pandit lost his life in the action. Before his departure from India the Durrani chief consigned large tracts of country to the Rohilla chieftains, and while Dhunde Khan received Shikohabad, Inayat Khan, son of Hafiz Rahmat Khan received the district of Etawah. This was then in the possession of the Marathas, and accordingly in 1762 a Rohilla force was sent under Mullah Mohsin Khan to wrest the assigned property from the Marathas. This force was opposed near the town of Etawah by Kishan Rao and Bala Rao Pandits, who were defeated and compelled to seek safety in flight across the Yamuna. Siege was then laid to the fort of Etawah by Mohsin Khan; but the fort was soon surrendered by its commander, and the district fell into the hands of the Rohillas.
పద ఉత్పత్తి శాస్త్రం ఆంగ్లం అనేక భాషల నుంచి పదాలను తీసుకున్నట్లు నిరూపితమైంది. శాస్త్రీయ పరిభాష లాటిన్, గ్రీకు సంతతి పదాలపైనే ఎక్కువగా ఆధారపడుతుంది. స్పెయిన్ భాష ప్రత్యేకించి, నైరుతి అమెరికా సంయుక్తరాష్ట్రాలకు అనేక పదాలను అందించింది. ఉదాహరణలుగా "buckaroo" అనే పదం "vaquero" లేదా "cowboy" నుంచి, "el lagarto" లేదా "the lizard" నుంచి "alligator", "rodeo" మరియు "savvy" ; అలాగే "కొలొరాడో" మరియు "ఫ్లోరిడా" వంటి రాష్ట్రాల పేర్లను చెప్పవచ్చు. "Cuddle", "eerie" మరియు "greed" పదాలు స్కాట్లాండ్ భాష నుంచి; "albino", "palaver", "verandah" మరియు "coconut" పదాలు పోర్చుగల్ భాష నుంచి; "diva", "prima donna", "pasta", "pizza", "paparazzi" మరియు "umbrella" పదాలు ఇటలీ భాష నుంచి; "adobe", "alcohol", "algebra", "algorithm", "apricot", "assassin", "caliber", "cotton", "hazard", "jacket", "jar", "julep", "mosque", "Muslim", "orange", "safari", "sofa" మరియు "zero" పదాలు అరబిక్ భాష నుంచి; "honcho", "sushi", మరియు "tsunami" పదాలు జపాన్ భాష నుంచి; "dim sum", "gung ho", "kowtow", "kumquat", "ketchup", మరియు "typhoon" పదాలు క్యాంటనీస్ చైనీస్ నుంచి; "behemoth", "hallelujah", "Satan", "jubilee", మరియు "rabbi" పదాలు హెబ్రూల భాష నుంచి; "taiga", "sable" మరియు "sputnik" పదాలు రష్యా భాష నుంచి; "galore", "whiskey", "phoney", "trousers" మరియు "Tory" పదాలు ఐర్లండ్ భాష నుంచి; "brahman", "guru", "karma", "pandit" పదాలు సంస్కృతం నుంచి; "kampong" మరియు "amok" పదాలు మలేసియా భాష నుంచి; "Smorgasbord" మరియు "ombudsman" పదాలు స్వీడన్ భాష నుంచి; మరియు "boondocks" పదం ట్యాగలాగ్ పదం "bundok" నుంచి జనించాయి. ఇతర భాషల నుంచి స్వీకరించిన పదం కూడా చూడండి.