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mamidipudi    0.968784

ilahabad    0.967494

hams    0.959894

premchand    0.956014

prakasan    0.953410

grandhamala    0.951900

sahithya    0.948641

prachuranalayam    0.948471

vahini    0.946304

sastramulu    0.945774

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మిడ్నాపూర్ The flora of Malda district is merely a small portion of that extending from Kose to the Brahmapurtra. Alteration of beels and village shrubbery with the drier jungle of the Barind region, where the ground is not occupied by the usual crops, it is covered by an abundant natural vegetation excepting the sandy beds of rivers. Old river beds, ponds, marshy land and other watery regions have a copious vegetation of vallisneria and other plants. The areas which are subject to frequent inundation usually cover themselves with seedy grasses, and in marshy parts the Rosainvolucrata is plentiful. Some portions of the Barind area are covered by jungles, which consist chiefly of thorny scrub-bush jungles mixed with "Pipal", "Bat", "Simul" and "Pakur" trees and Nepal Bamboos. Species of thorny bamboos are also seen in Pandua areas near villages and embankment areas of Gour thickets or shrubberies, ordinary "Neem", Jackfruit trees, tamarind, bamboo, pipul and mango trees are seen in plenty. The soil of the western region of the district is particularly suited to the growth of mulberry and mango, for the production of both of which Malda has become famous.