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generalized    0.956800

oedema    0.952471

abundant    0.951475

cysts    0.951425

tract    0.950058

complications    0.949180

transmitted    0.948564

abnormality    0.948231

dysplasia    0.947904

cutis    0.947558

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Article Example
పాయిజన్ ఐవీ [[File:Urushiol induced contact dermatitis.jpg|right|thumb|పాయిజన్ ఐవీ తగలడం వల్ల ఏర్పడిన పుండ్లు]]
అవిసె Sneezing should not be stopped – upto 40 types of ailments will come if stopped and upto 14 types if induced forcefully.
తాప విద్యుత్ కేంద్రము For units over about 200 MW capacity, redundancy of key components is provided by installing duplicates of the forced and induced draft fans, air preheaters, and fly ash collectors. On some units of about 60 MW, two boilers per unit may instead be provided.
డోడో Even though the rareness of the dodo was reported already in the 17th century, its extinction was not recognised until the 19th century. This was partly because, for religious reasons, extinction was not believed possible until later proved so by Georges Cuvier, and partly because many scientists doubted that the dodo had ever existed. It seemed altogether too strange a creature, and many believed it a myth. The bird was first used as an example of human-induced extinction in "Penny Magazine" in 1833.