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Article Example
సైదాపేట్ The most familiar and only college in Saidapet is the Teachers Training College. In Saidapet the familiar schools are Alpha Matriculation higher secondary school, St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Fathima Matriculation Higher Sec Sechool, Corporation Boys Higher Secondary School and Girls Higher Secondary School respectively (Primitively named as Manthoppu School-since the place was a mango groove which belonged to the temple)
అవిసె 1. Keep the food plate a little bit higher above the floor.
పస్తాల there was no water fecility and lot troubles in that school.the children who are studie to higher education
జిమ్నాస్టిక్స్ Currently, acrobatic gymnastics is marked out of 30.00 (can be higher at Senior FIG level based on difficulty):
అవిసె 1. Second best is Ajwain. Noon food should have ajwain since it balances Pitta which is higher in noon/day.
సత్య సాయి బాబా ప్రశాంతి నిలయంలోని సత్యసాయి ఉన్నతవిద్యా సంస్థ ("Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning" ప్రస్తుతం దీని పేరు, శ్రీ సత్య సాయి యూనివర్సిటీ) భారతదేశం మొత్తంలో ద్వారా "A++" రేటింగ్ పొందిన ఒకే ఒక సంస్థ.
ముఖం (జ్యామితి) A cell is a polyhedral element (3-face) of a 4 dimensional polytope or 3 dimensional tessellation, or higher. Cells are facets for 4-polytopes and 3-honeycombs.
ముఖం (జ్యామితి) In higher-dimensional geometry, the facets of a "n"-polytope are the ("n"-1)-faces of dimension one less than the polytope itself.
జిమ్నాస్టిక్స్ A higher flight phase results in a higher vertical ground reaction force. Vertical ground reaction force represents external force which the gymnasts have to overcome with their muscle force and affects the gymnasts' linear and angular momentum. Another important variable that affects linear and angular momentum is time the landing takes. Gymnasts can decrease the impact force by increasing the time taken to perform the landing. Gymnasts can achieve this by increasing hip, knee and ankle amplitude.
వాలజబాద్ Walajabad was known as Seevaram. Seevaram means town and as well as the Buddhist Area. 8 km from Walajabad there is Palayaseeavaram. Palayaseevaram means Old seevaram i.e. old town of this Area. Earlier development of the Walajabad Palayaseeavaram stood town stage to this area. Now Walajabad is the main and major place to so many villages. It connects more than 50 villages. There are Two government Higher Secondary Schools, One Aided Higher Secondary Schools, Two Matriculation High schools.