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epididymis    0.953459

destruction    0.949416

sequelae    0.948003

hundreds    0.943956

instead    0.943005

importance    0.940147

tunica    0.939709

portions    0.937723

vulva    0.932237

combination    0.931289

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Article Example
లైబీరియా The government of Liberia, modeled on the government of the United States, is a unitary constitutional republic and representative democracy as established by the Constitution. The government has three co-equal branches of government: the executive, headed by the president; the legislative, consisting of the bicameral Legislature of Liberia; and the judicial, consisting of the Supreme Court and several lower courts.
మిథైల్ ఆరెంజ్ Modified (or screened) methyl orange, an indicator consisting of a solution of methyl orange and xylene cyanol, changes from grey to green as the solution becomes more basic.
ధన్‌బాద్ The district can be divided into three broad natural divisions, namely, (I) the north and north western portions consisting of the hilly region, (ii) the uplands containing coal mines and most of the industries and (iii) the remaining uplands and plains lying to the south of the Damodar river consisting of cultivable flat lands. The north and north western division is separated for the entire length by the Grand trunk road.
ఆనంద్ (గుజరాత్) Anand () is the administrative centre of Anand District in the state of Gujarat, India. It is administered by Anand Municipality. It is part of the region known as Charotar, consisting of Anand and Kheda Districts.
నికోలా టెస్లా At his lab, Tesla proved that the earth was a conductor, and he produced artificial lightning (with discharges consisting of millions of volts, and up to 135 feet long).
వైధ్యనాథ లింగం - చితా భూమి Baidyanath Jyotirlinga temple, also known as "Baba Baidyanath dham" and "Baidyanath dham" is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, the most sacred abodes of Shiva. It is located in Deoghar in the Santhal Parganas division of the state of Jharkhand, India. It is a temple complex consisting of the main temple of Baba Baidyanath, where the Jyotirlinga is installed, and 21 other temples.
సిరా Ink is a complex medium consisting of comprising solvents, pigments, dyes, resins, lubricants, solubilizers, surfactants, particulate matter, fluorescers, and other materials. The components of inks serve many purposes; the ink’s carrier, colorants, and other additives are used to control flow, thickness, and appearance of the ink when dry.
తెలుగు చోళ There was another branch of the Telugu Chodas ruled from Nellore and chieftains of Kakatiyas. The Telugu poet, Tikkana, in the introduction of his "Nirvachanottara Ramayanamu", gave an account of the history and antecedents of this family. These Chodas also claimed descent from the famous Karikala Chola. They ruled over their kingdom consisting of the Nellore, Cuddapah, Chittoor and Chengalpet districts with Vikramasimhapuri (modern Nellore) as their capital.
జిమ్నాస్టిక్స్ According to FIG rules, only women compete in rhythmic gymnastics. This is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation. The sport involves the performance of five separate routines with the use of five apparatus; ball, ribbon, hoop, clubs, rope—on a floor area, with a much greater emphasis on the aesthetic rather than the acrobatic. There are also group routines consisting of 5 gymnasts and 5 apparatuses of their choice. Rhythmic routines are scored out of a possible 30 points; the score for artistry (choreography and music) is averaged with the score for difficulty of the moves and then added to the score for execution.
పుస్తకము A thin marker, commonly made of paper or card, used to keep one's place in a book is a . Bookmarks were used throughout the medieval period, consisting usually of a small parchment strip attached to the edge of folio (or a piece of cord attached to headband). Bookmarks in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were narrow silk ribbons bound into the book and become widespread in the 1850s. They were usually made from silk, embroidered fabrics or leather. Not until the 1880s, did paper and other materials become more common.