Top 10 similar words or synonyms for carries

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for carries

Article Example
సౌర ఘటం Systems which combine photovoltaic with thermal solar, the advantage of such a system is that the thermal solar part carries heat away and cools the photovoltaic cells, keeping temperature down lowers the resistance and improves the cell efficiency.
ముష్టి భంగిమ Anal fisting carries risks of colorectal perforation; participants are advised to use latex gloves and lubricant, and designate a safeword, the utterance of which will call an immediate halt to the activity. The practice, along with the insertion of hard objects into the anus, has been significantly related to the traumatization of the rectal mucosa in increasing the likelihood of infection, including Hepatitis B.
రామసేతు This current picks up sand, silt and rocks and carries it a short distance out. When the current dissipates into the larger body of water, the material is deposited. The deposit gradually rises in height until an underwater shoal or bar is formed. As the wave action and reverse currents along a straight shore are regularly perpendicular to the shore, the bar grows into a long and narrow shape, and forms parallel to the shore.
భద్రకాళి Bhadrakālī (, , , , , Kodava: ಭದ್ರಕಾಳಿ) (literally ""Good Kali,"") is a Hindu goddess popular in Southern India. She is one of the fierce forms of the Great Goddess (Devi) mentioned in the Devi Mahatmyam. Bhadrakali is the popular form of Devi worshipped in Kerala as Sri Bhadrakali and Kariam Kali Murti Devi. In Kerala she is seen as the auspicious and fortunate form of Kali who protects the good. It is believed that Bhadrakāli was a local deity that was assimilated into the mainstream Hinduism, particularly into Shaiva mythology. She is represented with three eyes, and four, twelve or eighteen hands. She carries a number of weapons, with flames flowing from her head, and a small tusk protruding from her mouth. Her worship is also associated with the Tantric tradition of the Matrikas as well as the tradition of the ten Mahavidyas and falls under the broader umbrella of Shaktism.
తరి తరి [ tari ] tari. సంస్కృతం n. A ship. ఓడ. తరి tari. [Tel.] adj. Churning. n. Time, occasion. సమయము. ఇత్తరి now. ఒకతరి once. Nearness. సమీపము. plu. తరులు. Series వరుసలు, వళి. తరి or తరీ [H.] Wet cultivation, irrigated land మాగాణి. తరిగొను to try, యత్నంచు. తరిపడు to be oppressed, యత్నించు. తరించు or తరియించు tarinṭsu. [Skt.] v. a. To cross over, get through (a stream or trouble:) to attain (heaven.) To shake off, cast off, get rid of, free oneself from. తరింపు tarimpu. [Skt.] n. Rescue, extrication, salvation. తరికంబము tari-kambamu. [Tel.] n. The post round which the cord passes which works the churning stick. పెరుగుత్రచ్చెడు స్తంభము. తరికాడు tari-kāḍu. n. One who churns. త్రచ్చునాడు. తరికడవ a churning pot. తరిగల tari-gala. adj. Rich in butter. తరిగలావు a butter producing cow. వెన్న చాలా వచ్చే పాలుగల ఆవు. తరిగొండ tari-gonḍa. n. A poetical name for Mandaragiri: lit. "The churn-staff-hill." తరిగోల tari-gōla. n. A churning staff. తరిచల్ల tari-ṭsalla. n. Sweet buttermilk. తరిచుట్టు or తరిపట్టు tari-ṭsuṭṭu. v. n. To consecrate or offer curds to the gods. తరితాడు. tari-tāḍu n. The cord that works a churnstaff. తరిదాలుపు one who wears or carries the churning mountain, i.e., Vishṇu.