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Article Example
సాల్‌సీడ్ నూనె [SEA 38th annual report,2008-2009 ఆధారం]
ఆర్టిమీసియా "Artemisia annua" L.–Annual Wormwood, Sweet Sagewort, Sweet Annie
బారాబంకి Annual Health Survey 2010-11 gave following stats for the district:
జమ్ము (కాశ్మీర్) The annual rate of intra-regional migration is estimated between 29% to 35%.
బారాబంకి As per Annual Health Survey 2010-11 district's stats for wealth index were:
సైదాపేట్ This is a famous Shakthi temple in West Saidapet. Annual "brahmotsavam" takes place during the Tamil month of Aadi.
సంపత్ కుమార్ 1990 - He was felicitated for his contributions to Indian dance at the annual TANA Conference in Mauritius.
లీలా శాంసన్ She has taught Bharatanatyam across the world, including at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London and the annual Milapfest at Manchester.
శంకర్ మహదేవన్ On March 17, 2013 he performed at Ragam 13, the annual intercollege cultural festival of National Institute of Technology, Calicut for the second time, his first time being in Ragam 2009.
ఔరైయా The District features an atypical version of the humid subtropical climate. Summers are long and the weather is extremely hot from early April to mid-October, with the monsoon season in between. The average annual rainfall in the district is 792 mm. About 85% of the annual normal rainfall in the district is received during the south west monsoon months from June to September, August being the rainiest month. The brief, mild winter starts in late November, peaks in January and heavy fog often occurs.