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Article Example
பசிபிக் ரீஃப் ஹீரோன் (எக்ரெட்டா சாக்ரா) The species displays an unusual, non-sexual dimorphism, with some members having entirely white plumage and others (the larger portion) being charcoal-grey. The reason for the colour variation or "morph", is unknown, though it is most commonly thought to be related to camouflage.
பாதுகாப்பு முள் Whilst the cover on the safety pin makes it less likely to hurt someone, a version was invented specially for use with babies' nappies, the nappy pin. This is larger and stronger than the typical safety pin. Modern nappy pins have the sliding cap to lock the pin.
நீலகிரி தார் The Nilgiri tahr is a stocky goat with short, coarse fur and a bristly mane. Males are larger than females and of darker color when mature. Both sexes have curved horns, reaching up to for males and for females. Adult males weigh and stand about tall at the shoulder. Adult males develop a light grey area on their backs and are thus called "saddlebacks".