Top 10 similar words or synonyms for finally

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for finally

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Article Example
ஒரு அழகான குழந்தை 4. Birkbeck, Matt. “FINALLY” Retrieved 8 October 2014
அஜிம் ஜா After protracted negotiations and court cases, finally, in 1867, Azim Jah was granted the title of Nawab of Arcot or Amir-i-Arcot by Queen Victoria and given a political pension. The Letters Patent issued by the Queen was formally presented to Azim Jah at a banquet held by the Governor of Madras on 12 April 1871.
மேலக்கால் முஹம்மது பிலால் Later on formed ambedkar peoples movement for the upliftment of the his sch community of the village he was to fight with the caste hindus and finally embraced islam built a musjid and got him buried there and finished his endless battle in 2006