Top 10 similar words or synonyms for considerable

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enters    0.966568

excess    0.964852

fragrance    0.964536

solely    0.962080

ophthalmic    0.961212

deepest    0.960465

brenneke    0.960355

tardigrades    0.960142

kessler    0.959671

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for considerable

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Article Example
அரசின் வகைப்படி நாடுகளின் பட்டியல் The பிரதமர் (or equivalent) is the nation's active executive, but the monarch still has considerable political powers that can be used at his/her own independent discretion.
பைனஸ் மரம் "P. halepensis" is a popular [[ornamental tree]], extensively planted in gardens, parks, and private and agency landscapes in hot dry areas such as [[Southern California]] and the [[Karoo]] in [[South Africa]], where the Aleppo pine's considerable heat and [[xeriscape|drought tolerance]], fast growth, and aesthetic qualities, are highly valued.
புன்னாடு rehabilitating ruined towns. They seem to have also evinced considerable interest in agriculture, irrigation and trade and by all this, did much to repair the damage done by the Muslim rule. This rule however existed for a brief duration. It was extinguished by Krishnadeva Raya (1509 A.D -1529 A.D.)., தெற்காணாம்பி / தெற்காணாம்பை நாடு என்ற புன்னாட்டின் பெரும்பகுதி , மீண்டும் கொங்கதேசத்தொடு இணைக்கப்பட்டு , அதன்பின் மீண்டும் பிரிக்கப்பட்டது.