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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sites

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Schutztruppe German language sites:
KIA (Hai) Machame Kaskazini ni kata ya Wilaya ya Hai katika Mkoa wa Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Wakati wa sensa iliyofanyika mwaka wa 2012, kata ilikuwa na wakazi wapatao 23,334 [
Piranshahr Important archaeological sites in the vicinity of Piranshahr include Pasveh . Pasva is a village near Piranshahr whose name, according to the Iranist Vladimir Minorsky has existed since the 9th century BC and was built by the "Parsua tribes". It was also mentioned in the records of the Assyrian ruler Shalmaneser III (reign 858-824 BC).
Kaunti ya Kilifi Tourism and fishing are major economic activities due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean. The county has some of the best beaches and popular resorts and hotels. Other attractions include historical sites such as the Mnarani ruins that date back to between the fourteenth and seventeenth century.