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anfängen    0.972537

mizengo    0.968975

apartheid    0.966335

appearing    0.965683

thammavong    0.964507

grèves    0.964174

cavaillon    0.963976

characteristic    0.962868

tuvalut    0.962562

thiérache    0.962542

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for finns

Article Example
Traktati i Paqes në Moskë (1940) For better or for worse, the harsh terms made the Finns inclined to seek support from Nazis, and made many Finns regard revenge as justified. In the end, this might have been a necessary condition for Finland's survival in the World War.
Traktati i Paqes në Moskë (1940) The Finns were shocked by the harsh peace terms. It seemed as if more territory was lost in the peace than in the war, and the loss was in many ways some of the highest valued parts of Finland:
Traktati i Paqes në Moskë (1940) Sympathy from the world opinion seemed to have been of little worth. A certain bitter disappointment became a common feature of the Finns' view of other nations, not the least of Swedes, who had offered plenty of sympathy but did not fulfill their obligations of military support for Finland.