Top 10 similar words or synonyms for characteristic

anfängen    0.974638

apartheid    0.973760

alliierten    0.972354

ausnahme    0.969853

unable    0.969542

ninth    0.969373

retret    0.968246

muskulatur    0.965809

metern    0.964503

berichtet    0.964319

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for characteristic

Article Example
Shumëllojshmëria e Albaneses For varieties over fields of positive characteristic, the dimension of the Albanese variety may be less than the Hodge numbers
Tabula Hungariae The geographical names had been transcribed differently than today. For example today's "é" was written "ee", today's "ö" was "ew". It is also noted that "c" is sometimes written "tz", which is a characteristic of the Old High German orthography. These may be created by contributors, who prepared the work for printing. However, with some other names, Lázár used the pronunciation of Hungarian dialects.
Fieri Characteristic has been wearing the shirt. This type of clothing consists of the following parts: shirt, underwear, belt, socks, moccasins. Last Width kinda went out in 1015, and made the long sleeves and prepare things with fabric and linen. Moccasins of tanned skin prepared from cow or buffalo. One element that stands out is Takia, myzeqar held by men in wedding day, the religious feast day bazaar etc..
Giardia lamblia Giardia lamblia (synonim me Giardia intestinalis, Lamblia intestinalis dhe Giardia duodenalis) është një parazit flagellated protozoan që kolonizon dhe riprodhohet në intestine të vogla, që shkakton giardiasis. Paraziti i giardia njgjitet te epithelium te një ventral adhesive disc, dhe riprodhohet përmes binary fission. Giardiasis nuk përhapet përmes rrugëve të gjakut, nor does it spread to other parts of the gastro-intestinal tract, but remains confined to the lumen of the small intestine. Giardia trophozoites absorb their nutrients from the lumen of the small intestine, and are anaerobes. If the organism is split and stained, it has a very characteristic pattern that resembles a familiar "smiley face" symbol. Chief pathways of human infection include ingestion of untreated sewage, a phenomenon particularly common in many developing countries; contamination of natural waters also occurs in watersheds where intensive grazing occurs.