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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for octave

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ස්‍රැති (සංගීතය) Canonically there are 22 shrutis in an octave although systems with more or fewer śruti have been proposed. Here they are given in terms of just intonation, although many authors assume schismatic temperament implicitly.
ඛ්‍යාල් ඛ්‍යාල් bases itself on a repertoire of short songs (two to eight lines); a ඛ්‍යාප් song is called a "bandish". Every singer generally renders the same "bandish" differently, with only the text and the raga remaining the same. ඛ්‍යාප් bandishes are typically composed in a variant of Urdu/Hindi, and sometimes in Persian, Marathi or Punjabi, and these compositions cover diverse topics, such as romantic or divine love, praise of kings or gods, the seasons, dawn and dusk, and the pranks of Krishna, and they can have symbolism and imagery . The "bandish" is divided into two parts — the "sthayi" (or "asthayi") and the "antara". The "sthayi" often uses notes from the lower octave and the lower half of the middle octave, while the "antara" ascends to the tonic of the upper octave and beyond before descending and linking back to the "sthayi" . The singer uses the composition as raw material for improvisation, accompanied by a harmonium or bowed string instrument such as the sarangi or violin playing off the singer's melody line, a set of two hand drums (the tabla), and a drone in the background. The role of the accompanist playing the melody-producing instrument is to provide continuity when the singer pauses for breath, using small variations of the singer's phrases or parts thereof. While there is a wide variety of rhythmic patterns that could be used by the percussionist, ඛ්‍යාප් performances typically use Ektaal, Jhoomra, Jhaptaal, Tilwada, Teentaal, Rupak, and Adachautaal .
ශෘංගාර සාහිත්‍යය In the 19th century, the sensational journalism of W. T. Stead's "The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon" (1885) about the procuring of underage girls into the brothels of Victorian London provided a stimulus for the erotic imagination. Stead's account was widely translated and the revelation of "padded rooms for the purpose of stifling the cries of the tortured victims of lust and brutality" and the symbolic figure of "The Minotaur of London" confirmed European observers worst imaginings about "Le Sadisme anglais" and inspired erotic writers to write of similar scenes set in London or involving sadistic English gentlemen. Such writers include D'Annunzio in "Il Piacere", Paul-Jean Toulet in "Monsieur de Paur" (1898), Octave Mirbeau in "Jardin des Supplices" (1899) and Jean Lorrain in "Monsieur de Phocas" (1901).