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ගවරා Though it is now extinct, Sri Lankans still refers to it in everyday speech and it is referenced in village names such as “Gawarammana”, “Gawara-eliya”, “ Gawara-vila”, “ Gawara-kele” and a grass species; “Gawara Maana” ( Garnotia exaristata) which grows on highland plains.
ගවරා John Doily, writing in his Diaries (1812[1917]:97), provides the first reference after Knox from English literature pertaining to Sri Lanka: "There is also . . . a Species of Animal called Gawara, about the size of a half grown Buffaloe, & much the same colour, but with its horns hanging down. It is very seldom seen, because it studiously avoids man, & runs away at the very scent of him. It is said, that a Gawara was once caught and sent to Kandy - It died about a month afterwards."