Top 10 similar words or synonyms for districts

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for districts

Article Example
රාජකීය මධ්‍ය මහා විද්‍යාලය, පොළොන්නරුව After 6 years of laying the foundation stone Polonnaruwa Rajakeeya Maha Vidyalaya was opened for sons and daughters of farmers in Pulathisipura. Scholarships weres offered to students in Polonnaruwa and Trincomalee districts.
ප්‍රෂියාව In the Soviet Zone of Occupation, which became නැගෙනහිර ජර්මනිය in 1949, the former Prussian territories were reorganised into the states of Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt, with the remaining parts of the Province of Pomerania going to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. These states were abolished in 1952 in favour of districts, but were recreated after the fall of the Eastern Bloc in 1990.
ප්‍රෂියාව In the centralised state created by the Nazis in the "Law on the Reconstruction of the Reich" ("Gesetz über den Neuaufbau des Reiches", 30 January 1934) and the "Law on Reich Governors" ("Reichsstatthaltergesetz", 30 January 1935) the states were dissolved, in fact if not in law. The federal state governments were now controlled by governors for the Reich who were appointed by the chancellor. Parallel to that, the organisation of the party into districts ("Gaue") gained increasing importance, as the official in charge of a "Gau" (the head of which was called a "Gauleiter") was again appointed by the chancellor who was at the same time chief of the Nazi Party.
DHIS2 The DHIS was originally developed for three health districts in Cape Town in 1998-99, but has since spread via the HISP network to nearly half of sub-Saharan Africa, where its use covers a population of 300-400 million people, and to a number of countries in Asia. The initial scope - routine monthly Primary Health Center data – has systematically been expanded to cover nearly all aspects of health data and information (excluding electronic health records). Available aggregated data for South Africa from 1998-2007, for instance, represent close to one billion patient encounters.