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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for decided

Article Example
හොකි ලෝක කුසලානය Given the intense political climate between Pakistan and India, the FIH decided to move the tournament elsewhere. In March 1971, the FIH decided to move the first Hockey World Cup to the Real Club de Polo grounds in Barcelona, ස්පාඤ්ඤය, which was considered a neutral and peaceful European site.
නස්රදින් The stories of Mulla Nasreddin are in many languages. They are popular all over the world. In honor of Mulla Nasreddin, UNESCO ( decided to call the year 1996-1997 International Nasreddin Year.
වප් Emperor Asoka decided to send a sapling of the Jayashrimaha Bodhi Tree to Sri Lanka. It was on Vap Poya Day, that this Bo-sapling was placed on a Golden Bowl and dispatched to Sri Lanka.
ආසියාවෙහි ස්වෛරී රාජ්‍ය සහ පරායත්ත භූමිප්‍රදේශ ලැයිස්තුව The six entities in this list are either subject to a state they are not part of, or have a special political arrangement that was decided through an international agreement.
හොකි ලෝක කුසලානය The qualification stage has been a part of the Hockey World Cup since 1977. All participating teams play in the qualification round. The teams divide into two or more pools and compete for a berth in the final tournament. The top two teams are automatically qualified and the rest of the berths are decided in playoffs.
GNU Free Documentation License The FLOSS Manuals foundation, an organization devoted to creating manuals for free software, decided to eschew the GFDL in favor of the GPL for its texts in 2007, citing the incompatibility between the two, difficulties in implementing the GFDL, and the fact that the GFDL "does not allow for easy duplication and modification", especially for digital documentation.
OpenSUSE openSUSE is driven by the openSUSE Project community and sponsored by Novell, to develop and maintain SUSE Linux distributions components. It is the equivalent of the historic "SuSE Linux Professional". After their acquisition of SUSE Linux, Novell has decided to make the community an important part of their development process.
බ්‍රිල් දුම්රිය ස්ථානය Richard Plantagenet Campbell Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, had long had an interest in railways, and had served as Chairman of the London and North Western Railway from 1852 until 1861. In the early 1870s, he decided to build a light railway to transport freight from his estates in Buckinghamshire to the A&BR's line at Quainton Road.
හොකි ලෝක කුසලානය The Hockey World Cup was first conceived by Pakistan's Air Marshal Nur Khan. He proposed his idea to the FIH under the name of Patrick Rowley, the first editor of "World Hockey" magazine. Their idea was approved on October 26, 1969, and adopted by the FIH Council at a meeting in Brussels on April 12, 1970. The FIH decided that the inaugural World Cup would be held in October 1971, in Pakistan.
බ්‍රභාම් BT49 1979 වසරේදී ප්‍රථම වරට Alfa Romeo-engined BT48 මෝටර් රථය වෙනුවට මෙය නිපදවන ලදී. after Brabham team owner Bernie Ecclestone decided to end his relationship with the Italian engine manufacturer. BT49 ෆොර්මියුලා රථය BT48 රථයෙහි කොටස් හා එම කාලය තුල බහුලව භාවිතා වූ Cosworth DFV එන්ජිම යොදා නිපදවූ අතර ඒ සදහා වැයවී ඇත්තේ සති හයක තරම් කාලයක් පමණි. මෙය තනි ආසන විවෘත නියමු කුටියකින් හා අනාවෘත රෝද කට්ටල වලින් සමන්විත වේ. monocoque චැසිය ඇලුමිනියම් ඇලොය් හා කාබන් ෆ්ය්බර් කොටස්වලින් නිමවා ඇත. The car was fitted with controversial hydropneumatic suspension and water-cooled brakes at different points in its life.