Top 10 similar words or synonyms for areas

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for areas

Article Example
නැම්බියාව sanitation is insufficient in most residential areas. Private flush
Landline There has also been substantial decline of landline phones in Indian SubContinent due to emerging mobile phone industry which along with urban areas has also reached rural areas better than the landline telephone.
නැම්බියාව The Central Plateau and Kalahari areas have wide diurnal temperature ranges of up to 30 °C.
නැම්බියාව In Namibia's rural areas 13% of the population had more than basic
ගල් වෙරළු මෙය ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට පමණක් ආවේණික ගසකි. (mainly in South-western areas.)
ළමා අපයෝජනය 1999.Child Prostitution in Coastal Areas of Dehiwala, Rathmalana & Agulana”. Colombo : Center for Society Religion.
ප්‍රෂියාව As a result of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 the Second Polish Republic was granted not only these two areas, but also areas with a German majority in the Province of West Prussia. After දෙවන ලෝක යුද්ධය, East Prussia, Silesia, most of Pomerania, and the eastern part of Brandenburg were annexed by either the Soviet Union or Poland.
තෙත්බිම් "Areas of marsh,fen, peatland or water, whether natural or artificial permanent or temporory,with water that is static or flowing, fresh, brackish or salt, including areas of marine water the depth ofwhich at low tide does not exceed the 6 meters."
බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය පරිඝණක සංසදය BCS offers qualifications that cover all areas of IT, including understanding Spreadsheets and Presentation Software, Animation, Video Editing and Social Networking safety.
My project The needle tool plays a supporting role in the craft. It is used primarily to apply glue to hard-to-reach areas of the coil or quilling design.