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poketto    0.812358

دي    0.804449

physician    0.804233

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Bungee jumping Bungee jumping (/ˈbʌndʒiː/; also spelled "bungy" jumping, which is the usual spelling in New Zealand and several other countries)[1][2] is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane; but it is also possible to jump from a movable object, such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter, that has the ability to hover above the ground. The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound.[3] When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the kinetic energy is dissipated.