Top 10 similar words or synonyms for very

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for very

Article Example
Wikipidiya:Ayllupaq p'anqa Yours very truly,
Wikipidiya:Ayllupaq p'anqa Hello, Sorry for English but It's very important for bot operators so I hope someone translates this.
Wikipidiya:Ayllupaq p'anqa The Wikimedia Foundation will soon turn on for all users, all the time on your Wikipedia. Right now your Wikipedia does not have any local documents on VisualEditor, and we hope that your community can change that. To find out about how you can help with translations visit the and read the easy instructions on . The and the are very important to have in your language.
Wikipidiya:Ayllupaq p'anqa The only pre-requisite is for the volunteer to actually live in the country and to have access to at least one donation method that we offer for that country (mainly credit/debit card, but also real time banking like IDEAL, E-wallets, etc...) so we can do a live test and see if the donation goes through. **All volunteers will be reimbursed of the donations that eventually succeed (and they will be very low amounts, like 1-2 dollars)**