Top 10 similar words or synonyms for return

else    0.993716

end    0.993175

elseif    0.992009

then    0.990698

expected    0.988983

nil    0.987280

valuefunc    0.987258

tostring    0.987156

message    0.986742

actual    0.986537

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for return

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Article Example
ਮੌਡਿਊਲ:ਆਰਜੂਮੈਂਟਾਂ return arguments
ਲੂਆ:ਸਕਿਰਬੰਟੋ ਯੂਨਿਟ/ਡਾਕੂਮੈਂਟ return ScribuntoUnit
ਲੂਆ:ਸਕਿਰਬੰਟੋ ਯੂਨਿਟ/ਡਾਕੂਮੈਂਟ -- __tostring: function() return details.text end
ਮੋਰ (ਕਮਾਂਡ) Return the content of the OS/2 system directory using the codice_6 command and display it one screen at a time using the codice_1 command: