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customs    0.981439

discovers    0.980120

دی    0.978989

requires    0.978619

lie    0.978415

debate    0.978112

communications    0.977015

aspirated    0.976132

zoroastrian    0.975987

robertson    0.975820

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ਵੈਬ ਰੰਗ In CSS 2.1, the color 'orange' (one of the 140) was added to the section with the 16 HTML4 colors as a 17th color. The CSS3.0 specification did not include "orange" in the "HTML4 color keywords" section, which was renamed as "Basic color keywords". In the same reference, the "SVG color keywords" section, was renamed "Extended color keywords", after starting out as "X11 color keywords" in an earlier working draft. The working draft for the CSS4 color module combines the Basic and Extended sections together in a simple "Named Colors" section.