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Article Example
ଓଡିଶା ର ଜନବହୁଳ ସହର ସମୂହ ର ତାଲିକା " “An urban agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining outgrowths (OGs), or two or more physically contiguous towns together with or without outgrowths of such towns. An Urban Agglomeration must consist of at least a statutory town and its total population (i.e. all the constituents put together) should not be less than 20,000 as per the 2001 Census. In varying local conditions, there were similar other combinations which have been treated as urban agglomerations satisfying the basic condition of contiguity.”
ବିଶ୍ଵ ର ସର୍ବବୃହତ ଜନବହୁଳ ସହର ସବୁ ର ତାଲିକା ଏହି ସନ୍ଦର୍ଭରେ ପୃଥିବୀର ସର୍ବାଧିକ ଜନବହୁଳ ସହର ଗୁଡିକର ତାଲିକା ପ୍ରଦାନ କରାଯାଇଛି ଯାହା କେବଳ ସହର ମାନଙ୍କ ଜନସଂଖ୍ୟା ଉପରେ ଆଧାରିତ । ସହର କହିଲେ ଆଇନ ଗତ କିମ୍ବା ରାଜନୈତିକ ଭାବରେ ସୀମା ଚିହ୍ନଟ ହେଇଥିବା ଓ ପ୍ରଶାସନଦ୍ଵାରା ସ୍ବୀକୃତ ସହରାଞ୍ଚଳ ଭାବେ  ହେଇଥିବା ଓ ସ୍ଥାନୀୟ ପ୍ରଶାସନ ରହିଥିବା ଅଞ୍ଚଳକୁ କୁହାଯାଇଥାଏ । ଏଥି ସହ ଏହାର ଉପ ସହର ( sub urban ) ସମ୍ମିଳିତ ହେଇ ନଥାଏ ମଧ୍ୟ । 
କଳିଙ୍ଗ ନଗର According Housing and Urban Development department, all industrial buildings plans would be approved by the authority after due approval of the Building Permission Committee of the KNDA. “If required the compounding fee would be collected as per the norms of the regulation for approval of building plans,” the authority resolved.