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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for princely

Article Example
ଅବଦୁଲ କାଦେର ଖାନ ସେ Bhopal, princely state of Bhopal, British Indian Empire
ନାଭା The town of Nabha was formerly the capital of the Nabha State princely state in the British Raj. Its territories were scattered; one section, divided into twelve separate tracts, was interspersed among the territories of Patiala and Jind, in the east and south of the Punjab; the other section was in the extreme southeast of that province. The whole of the territories physically belonged to a plain, but they varied in character, from the great fertility of the Pawadh region to the aridity of the Rajputana desert. Nabha estate is a city now, which has continuously suffered from the inattention of the government. Despite being a seat of great political importance, the politicians have not fulfilled their promises.Recently Municipal Elactions held in Feb 2015,one of the candidate from this city of Congress Party won third time and thatt too with the highest vote share not only in patiala district but in the surrounding districts too...