Top 10 similar words or synonyms for market

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for market

Article Example
ନେହେରୁ ପ୍ଲେସ Nehru Place Computer Market
ନିଉ ମାର୍କେଟ , କଲିକତା Sir Stuart Hogg, then the Chairman of Calcutta Corporation, had shown tenacious support for the plans to build the New Market. So, 28 years later, on December 2, 1903, the market was officially named Sir Stuart Hogg Market and later shortened to Hogg Market. Bengali society, in the British era, called it "Hogg Shaheber Bajaar", a name that is still in use, just as a painting of Sir Stuart Hogg still hangs in Calcutta Corporation’s portrait gallery. But the earliest provisional nickname, New Market, which remained in use throughout, proved to have the most sticking power.
ଚ୍ୟବନପ୍ରାଶ The market size of chyawanprash in 2010 was Indian Rs 4 billion (about $80 million USD). Chyawanprash in India is marketed through film stars and sports persons such as Sunny Leone, Shahrukh Khan, Ravi Kishan, and M.S. Dhoni.
ଚେରୋ ଜାତି The Chero are an agriculture community, with animal husbandry also being an important component. They are also involved in the collection of the local mahua flower, which is sold in the local market. The Chero are also involved in wage labour, and like other scheduled castes, are economically marginal.
କଳିଙ୍ଗ ନଗର The company Pradhan Industries as a partnership organization established in 1989 having its registered office at Jajpur Road, Dist-Jajpur, Orissa-755048, Orissa established its first Chrome Ore processing and beneficiation plant at sanapatuli, Dala, Jajpur Road, Dist-Jajpur with a steady and substantial growth established its market network in Indian nation.In due course it emerged in 1999 as a private Limited Company and spread the operating net work from National to International level having Export of Chrome Concentrate to different countries, having a growth rate of 100% per year.The company entered into Ferro Alloys manufacturing and started its second plant at Bhagwanpur Industrial Estate in 1992, Dist-khurda, Orissa, having its end product of Low Carbon Ferro Chrome, and successfully operated Low Carbon Ferro Chrome business in national level.