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ଲ୍ୟାପୁନୋଭ୍ ସ୍ଥାୟୀତ୍ତ୍ଵ (where y(t) denotes the system output) for formula_33 for all trajectories that start close enough, and "globally attractive" if this property holds for all trajectories.
କଳିଙ୍ଗ ନଗର On January 2, 2006, police fired on tribals protesting against the construction of a boundary wall by Tata Steel. Twelve tribals and one police officer were killed. The protest was because the tribals felt that they were not being compensated enough for the construction projects by large industrial houses on their traditional lands.
ହିଲିଅମ On 26 March 1895 British chemist William Ramsay isolated helium on Earth by treating the mineral cleveite with mineral acids. Ramsay was looking for argon but, after separating nitrogen and oxygen from the gas liberated by sulfuric acid, noticed a bright-yellow line that matched the D3 line observed in the spectrum of the Sun. These samples were identified as helium by Lockyer and British physicist William Crookes. It was independently isolated from cleveite the same year by chemists Per Teodor Cleve and Abraham Langlet in Uppsala, Sweden, who collected enough of the gas to accurately determine its atomic weight. Helium was also isolated by the American geochemist William Francis Hillebrand prior to Ramsay's discovery when he noticed unusual spectral lines while testing a sample of the mineral uraninite. Hillebrand, however, attributed the lines to nitrogen. His letter of congratulations to Ramsay offers an interesting case of discovery and near-discovery in science.