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ଆଲଡ୍ରେଟ ୱପଷ୍ଟ୍ରା ସେ Dutch ନାଗରିକ ଅଟନ୍ତି । Physics ବିଷୟରେ ଗବେଷଣା କରିଛନ୍ତି । work on the Atomic Mass Evaluation ପାଇଁ ସେ ଜଣାଶୁଣା ।
ଉଇକିକମନ୍ସ ଅନେକ ସହ ପ୍ରକଳ୍ପ ଯଥା Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, Basque, Polish, Czech and Slovak ଉଇକିପିଡ଼ିଆ ସବୁ ନିଜର ମିଡିଆ ଫାଇଲ ମାନଙ୍କୁ କମନ୍ସରେ ଅପଲୋଡ଼ କରିଦେଲେ ଓ ଲୋକାଲ ଅପ୍ଳୋଡିଂକୁ ବନ୍ଦ କରିବା ପାଇଁ ଆଦେଶ ଦେଲେ । କେତେକ ଉଇକି ପ୍ରକଳ୍ପ ଯେପରି ଇଂରାଜୀ ଉଇକିପିଡ଼ିଆରେ ଅନେକ ନମନଶୀଳ ଛାପିବା ନୀତି ଅଛି ଏବଂ ଯେଉଁ ଫାଇଲ କମନ୍ସ ଦ୍ବାରା ଗ୍ରହନଯୋଗ୍ୟ ହେଉନି ତାହାକୁ ଲୋକାଲ ଅପଲୋଡ଼ ମଧ୍ୟ କରିହେବ ।
ହିଲିଅମ In 1907, Ernest Rutherford and Thomas Royds demonstrated that an alpha particle is a helium nucleus. In 1908, helium was first liquefied by Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes by cooling the gas to less than one kelvin. He tried to solidify it by further reducing the temperature but failed because helium does not have a triple point temperature where the solid, liquid, and gas phases are at equilibrium. It was first solidified in 1926 by his student Willem Hendrik Keesom by subjecting helium to 25 atmospheres of pressure.