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Atomic radii of the elements (data page) The atomic radius of a chemical element is a measure of the size of its atoms, usually the mean or typical distance from the nucleus to the boundary of the surrounding cloud of electrons. Since the boundary is not a well-defined physical entity, there are various non-equivalent definitions of atomic radius. Depending on the definition, the term may apply only to isolated atoms, or also to atoms in condensed matter, covalently bound in molecules, or in ionized and excited states; and its value may be obtained through experimental measurements, or computed from theoretical models. Under some definitions, the value of the radius may depend on the atom's state and context.
ମ୍ୟାଟ୍‌ଲାବ୍‌ Most MATLAB functions can accept matrices and will apply themselves to each element. For example, codice_7 will multiply every element in "J" by 2, and then reduce each element modulo "n". MATLAB does include standard "for" and "while" loops, but (as in other similar applications such as R), using the vectorized notation often produces code that is faster to execute. This code, excerpted from the function "magic.m", creates a magic square "M" for odd values of "n" (MATLAB function codice_8 is used here to generate square matrices I and J containing 1:n).