Top 10 similar words or synonyms for centuries

psychology    0.908116

zoroastrianism    0.903017

supertree    0.902763

structural    0.900105

avian    0.898373

shifting    0.898355

theoretical    0.897454

intellectual    0.894701

instability    0.894405

cyclones    0.893887

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for centuries

Article Example
Nostradamus [[Fil:Les Centuries 1568 Lyon b.PNG|mini|Tittelblad for "Profetiane" frå ein 1568-utgåve.]]
Forørkning i Afrika Nicholson, Sharon E. (2001): Climatic and environmental change in Africa during the last two centuries. Climate Research, Clim Res (digital versjon). 17. årgang, 15. august 2001, s. 123-144.
Mount Dow Mount Dow er eit fjell, 1680 moh, som ligg ved sørsida av Novosilskibreen, 1 nautisk mil (19 km) vest for nordenden av Mount Carse sør på Sør-Georgia. Det vart kartlagd av South Georgia Survey i perioden 1951-57, og vart namngjeven av United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC) etter George F. Dow (1868–1936), ein amerikansk kvalfangsthistorikar som skreiv "Whale Ships" og "Whaling: A Pictorial History of Whaling During Three Centuries".
Investiturstriden The investiture controversy had shattered the early-medieval equilibrium and ended the interpenetration of "ecclesia" and "mundus". Medieval kingship, which had been largely the creation of ecclesiastical ideals and personnel, was forced to develop new institutions and sanctions. The result during the late eleventh and early twelfth centuries, was the first instance of a secular bureaucratic state whose essential components appeared in the Anglo-Norman monarchy.