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neurosurgery    0.995674

arthroscopy    0.995293

osteopathic    0.994272

spend    0.994208

chemotherapy    0.994149

palliative    0.993710

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रिउम्याटोलोजी A large body of recent scientific research treats the background of autoimmune disease, the cause of many rheumatic disorders. Epidemiological studies र medication trials are also conducted.
ओन्कोलोजी Therapeutic trials often involve patients from many different hospitals in a particular region. In the UK, patients are often enrolled in large studies coordinated by the Medical Research Council (MRC, or the European Organisation for Research र Treatment of Cancer (EORTC,
नेपाल राष्ट्रिय अण्डर-१७ फुटबल टिम Nepal was fined by the Asian Football Confederation of fielding over-age players during the 2014 AFC U-16 Championship. Since the fine, the All Nepal Football Association has put in place several necessary age checks as part of selection/trials. The most recent team has qualified for the 2016 AFC U-16 Championship, making it the first Nepal U-16 team to achieve a back-to-back qualification in history.
स्नायुशास्त्र Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Physicians specializing in the field of neurology are called neurologists र are trained to diagnose, treat, र manage patients with neurological disorders. Most neurologists are trained to treat र diagnose adults. Pediatric neurologists, nearly always a subspecialty of pediatrics, treat neurological disease in children. Neurologists are also involved in clinical research, clinical trials, as well as basic research र translational research.