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२००७ एएफसी एसिया कप The Official Match Ball for the 2007 AFC Asian Cup was launched by Nike on 15 May 2007, making it the first time ever that a ball had been launched specifically for any football competition in Asia. The Nike Mercurial Veloci AC features four blue stripes with gold trim with each host city's name inscribed, as well as the AFC Asian Cup logo.
रोगशास्त्र Pathology (from Greek "pathos", feeling, pain, suffering; र "logos", study of; see also -ology) is the study of the processes underlying disease र other forms of illness, harmful abnormality, or dysfunction. Within biology but also a branch of medicine, it means specifically the study र diagnosis of the structural र functional changes in cells, tissues र organs that underlie disease. Pathology as a field of knowledge hence forms the basis of the scientific reasoning behind the practice of medicine.
आकस्मिक चिकित्सा Emergency Medicine as a standalone medical specialty is relatively young. Prior to the १९६०'s र ७०'s, hospital emergency rooms were generally staffed by doctors trained in other specialties, such as internal medicine र primary care. However, during this time period, groups of physicians mostly located in the midwestern United States (notably Cincinnati, Ohio, र Denver, Colorado) recognized the need, र the niche, for physicians specifically trained to handle acute medical emergencies.
२००४ एएफसी एसिया कप Throughout the tournament, most Chinese fans in the stadia expressed anti-Japanese sentiments by drowning out the Japanese national anthem, displaying political banners and booing whenever Japan got the ball, regardless of the score or opponent. This was reported by the international media, and was aggravated when Koji Nakata apparently knocked in the ball with his right hand in the final against China. The PRC government responded by calling for restraint and increasing police numbers to maintain order. The Japanese government also called on the PRC to ensure the safety of Japanese fans, while specifically asking Japanese nationals or people of Japanese origin to not display any form of excessive pride, especially wearing Japan national football team uniforms. Despite the Chinese government's campaign, a riot started by Chinese fans broke out near the north gate of the Beijing Worker's Stadium, though reports differ as to the extent of the riot. As a result, some media groups have said that displays of "excessive Chinese nationalism during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics have become a cause for concern for Chinese officials".