Top 10 similar words or synonyms for serious

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for serious

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Article Example
डर्‍म्याटोलोजी Any mole that is irregular in color or shape should be examined by a dermatologist to determine if it is a malignant melanoma, the most serious र life-threatening form of skin cancer. Following a visual examination र a dermatoscopic exam (an invaluable new instrument that illuminates a mole without reflected light), a dermatologist may biopsy a suspicious mole. If it is malignant, it will be excised in the dermatologist's office.
खाद्य जनित रोग In the UK serious outbreaks of food-borne illness since the १९७०s prompted key changes in UK food safety law. These included the death of १९ patients in the Stanley Royd Hospital outbreak and the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, mad cow disease) outbreak identified in the १९८०s. The death of १७ people in the १९९६ Wishaw outbreak of E. coli O१५७ was a precursor to the establishment of the Food Standards Agency which, according to Tony Blair in the १९९८ white paper "A Force for Change" Cm ३८३० "would be powerful, open and dedicated to the interests of consumers".
हाडजोर्नी शल्यचिकित्सा David L. MacIntosh pioneered the first successful surgery for the management of the torn anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. This common र serious injury in skiers, field athletes, र dancers invariably brought an end to their athletics due to permanent joint instability. Working with injured football players, Dr. MacIntosh devised a way to re-route viable ligament from adjacent structures to preserve the strong र complex mechanics of the knee joint र restore stability. The subsequent development of ACL reconstruction surgery has allowed numerous athletes to return to the demands of sports at all levels.
खाद्य जनित रोग Even in industrialized countries, up to ३०% of the population of people have been reported to suffer from foodborne diseases every year. In the U.S, around ७६ million cases of foodborne diseases, which resulted in ३२५,००० hospitalizations and ५,००० deaths, are estimated to occur each year. Developing countries in particular, are worst affected by foodborne illnesses due to the presence of a wide range of diseases, including those caused by parasites. Foodborne illnesses can and did inflict serious and extensive harm on society. In १९९४, an outbreak of salmonellosis due to contaminated ice cream occurred in the USA, affecting an estimated २२४,००० persons. In १९८८, an outbreak of hepatitis A, resulting from the consumption of contaminated clams, affected some ३००,००० individuals in China.