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नेपाली विकिपीडियाको गाइडलाइन => Now save the article by clicking on संग्रह गर्ने।
विकिपिडिया:चौतारी (प्राविधिक)/अभिलेख १ Like other wiki projects we do not have pdf creator in Nepali wiki.This is also an Important facility to save webpage in pdf format.
२००७ एएफसी एसिया कप The Asian Cup saw many upsets in the early stages of the tournament. In Group A, Oman held favourites Australia to a surprising draw. Oman took the lead and would have won save for an injury time goal from Tim Cahill. Next, hosts Vietnam shocked Gulf Champions UAE with a 2–0 victory. In the same group, Qatar held Japan to a shock 1–1 draw. The result caused Japan coach Ivica Osim to fly into a rage in which he branded his players as 'amateurs' and reduced his interpreter to tears. In Group D, Indonesia continued the undefeated streak of the hosts by defeating Bahrain 2–1. Malaysia ended up as the only host country to drop their match, losing to China 5–1. Thailand recorded just its 2nd win in the Asian Cup finals (their other was in 1972 against Cambodia), and its first ever win in regulation, when they beat Oman 2–0 on 12 July. Meanwhile, Australia was upset by a 3–1 defeat against Iraq the following day, leaving them floundering in the tournament despite high expectations.
बस्न्यात परिवार Khaptadi Basnyats are the kshyatriyas that came to Nepal from western part of Nepal. They are believed to have entered the areas of 'Himvata Khanda' or present western part of Nepal before the greater Malla Khas empire was in place. According to the available sources, The clan of Khaptadi Basnyat had already started before the Mallas came into power. They were already ruling over the greater Khas region which was, later, lost to Challas or Malla. At the time, the kingdom of 'Khaptad', within the bigger region of the 'Khas' Pradesh, established by Suryavanshi Kshatriyas from 'Kashi', the Great King Baldev Singh was the son of Bir Ransingha and his mother was Laxmi and he was grandson of Sijapati Maharaj who was known as a khaptadi maharaj also. Sijapati Maharaj had no sons so he delivered his kingdom to the grandson Baldev Sing the son of his daughter, Laxmi. Sijapati Maharaj believe buddhism and hinduism also and he believe khapar masta who made the temple in khaptad and he command the people to worship to masta devta indeed.After the death of Sijapati Maharaj small state and kings were freed and declared by them independent countries and made them all in all. the grandson of King Sangram Singh, the last son of king Ajaya Singh, who was popularly known as 'Rahol', Bir Bhotu Singh was honored as "Basnyat" by his father. when he was in maternal grand father's house khaptad was attacked vehemently and many people were killed by the mallas dinesty. khaptadi were defeated totally and Bir Bhotu Singh run away to the east part of Nepal with his people.Many important weapons and property hided under the cave and soil, still there are found many things that all of those property are belongs to khaptadi basnyat. At first, he went to jumla with many people, slaves, horse riders and loded in mule and sheepes goats and potter to save his life and property but there were no saving place at all.Later his son Aiman Basnyat went to lamjung and he request to the king to reciprocated back his all the materials of khapar masta (puja samagries) and all the khaptadi dispersed from lamjung with many people and many property was given to the valley king and local king charikot to provide living place which under the valley king. and his sons weren't satisfied with that place so grandson went to the valley king and he provide a place likhukhola and he was appointed as an Adesh small king to collect revenue from eastern small kingdom because it was very difficult work. Bramana, Chhetri, kami, damai and sarki was brought in eastern part by khaptadi Basnyat.In the course of unification of Nepal, khaptadi basnyat also fight against Gorkha kingdom and they disagree to unify east part of Nepal with Gurkha. In the period of prince Bahadur shaha,kinnahari basnyat and bahadur shaha agree to play juwa who won it would be under whole kingdom. Later kinnhari Basnyat played gamble and loss all the land jungle whole property so eastern part was joined in Nepal without war.Likhukhola kingdom were ruled by khaptadi basnyat up to 5th generation. The last rular king kinnari lost his throne without war and his junior brother was gone to hatuwagadi kirat kingdom and appointed as kaji. The puja materials were Jewelers of the king and Queen's mukut and hari and golden diyo the pot of sankha and cow's horn's baja and sword of the king of khaptada etc. Later they distributed among brothers. Therefore, Bir Bhotu Singh is considered to be the first Basnyat from Khaptadi Basnyat lineage. According to skanda puran khapar mast is known as khechareshwar mahadev is called'Rudra', also, the ferocious form of khapar masta (Lord Shiva) is worshipped among them. Since Khaptadi Basnyat originated from the lands of Khaptad in the western part of Nepal they are called as Khaptadi Basnyat. They are also the Khaptadi Rajas of early khas history of Nepal. 'Khappar Maha Ista' (also referred to as 'Masta' in the local dialect) is also the 'Kuldevi' of Khaptadi Basnyats. Jalpa devi, Bindabasini, Kailash Basini and Maha Kali as Shakti/Ista Devi is also worshiped by Khaptadi Basnyats.