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Article Example
विश्व फुटबलको सर्वाधिक महङ्गो स्थानान्तरणहरू Comparison of fees in different nations is complicated by varying exchange rates. This table uses British Pound Sterling prior to 1999 and Euro for transfers since then.
नेपाल राष्ट्रिय अण्डर-१७ फुटबल टिम Prior to the 2013 SAFF Championship in Nepal, the Dasarath Rangasala underwent heavy renovation that saw several improvements such as the expansion of seats from 20,000 to 25,000.
खरायो खरायोको बच्चा जन्मिँदा आँखा बन्द अवस्थामा हुन्छ, त्यस्तै यिनीहरूको शरीरमा भुत्ला पनि हुँदैन। Passive immunity (immunity acquired by transfer of antibodies or sensitized lymphocytes from another animal) is acquired by kits prior to birth via placental transfer. At १० to ११ days after birth the baby rabbits' eyes will open and they will start eating on their own at around १४ days old.
२०१३ फिफा कन्फेडेरेसन कप Prior to the opening ceremony at the Brasilia National Stadium on 15 June, demonstrations took place outside the stadium, organised by people unhappy with the amount of public money spent to enable the hosting of the FIFA World Cup. Police used tear gas and pepper spray to quell the protests.
नेपाल राष्ट्रिय फुटबल टिम Very little is known about the history prior to 1998. However, during the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok, the Nepalese national team hired Bijay Shah to provide technical assistance to the squad, while also acting as the assistant coach. At the time, the team didn't have printed sportswear for the tournament. After printing makeshift kits, Bijay was inspired to start a T-shirt printing company known as Attsh, where through the partnership with a US printing company, and colleagues in South Korea, they produced their first batch of kits for the national team prior to the 1999 South Asian Games. Today, Attsh acts as the main kit distributor for the national team, with adidas being the primary manufacturer of choice.
आकस्मिक चिकित्सा Emergency Medicine as a standalone medical specialty is relatively young. Prior to the १९६०'s र ७०'s, hospital emergency rooms were generally staffed by doctors trained in other specialties, such as internal medicine र primary care. However, during this time period, groups of physicians mostly located in the midwestern United States (notably Cincinnati, Ohio, र Denver, Colorado) recognized the need, र the niche, for physicians specifically trained to handle acute medical emergencies.
आकस्मिक चिकित्सा The American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) also offers Board Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM). This certification is offered to experienced physicians who have completed residency training in related primary care fields, who have more than ५ years of full-time emergency medicine experience, are certified in ACLS/PALS/ATLS courses, provide letters of recommendation, र file १० case reports - all required prior to passing both written र oral tests. The ABPS certification is more widely recognized in rural र suburban hospitals. The 'grandfathering-in' of other experienced non-residency trained physicians practicing emergency medicine was closed off from ABEM र AOBEM several years ago, likewise from BCEM if the doctor has not completed a residency. Currently (as of ७/०६), only the state of Florida has recognized BCEM at the state medical board level, but many hospitals across the country do recognize BCEM.
२०१३ फिफा कन्फेडेरेसन कप The demonstrations were part of wider unrest and rioting in Brazilian cities initially sparked by increased ticket prices on public transport, but growing to express deeper public disenchantment with the financial management of the country by its government, specially due to the high inflation. The Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff as well as FIFA president Sepp Blatter were heavily booed as they were announced to conduct their speeches at the tournament's opening. Further protests took place the following day prior to the game between Mexico and Italy in Rio de Janeiro. Blatter said that the protesters "should not use football to make their demands heard", and that the public expenditure on staging the tournaments was on "items that are for the future, not just for the World Cup".
डर्‍म्याटोलोजी An Australian specialist dermatologist will have completed ६ years of medical school, one internship year र at least one year of general medical or surgical service in the public hospital system, prior to becoming eligible for specialist training in dermatology. The selection process is rigorous र transparent; candidates must pass science र pharmacology exams र engage in monitored र assessed practical training in medical र surgical dermatology. At the completion of the ५ year training programme, trainees sit a national written examination held over two days. Successful candidates may then proceed to the practical viva examination (held over २ days) after which they may apply for fellowship status with the Australian College of Dermatologists.
साधारण चिकित्सक A family physician is board-certified in family medicine. Training is focused on treating an individual throughout all of उनका or उनको life stages. Family physicians will see anyone with any problem, but are experts in common problems. Many family physicians deliver babies as well as taking care of all ages of patients. Family physicians complete undergraduate school, medical school र ३ more years of specialized medical residency training in family practice. Board-certified family physicians take a written examination every ६, ७, ९, or १० years to remain board certified, depending on what track they choose regarding the maintenance of their certification. Three hundred hours of continuing medical education within the prior six years is also required to be eligible to sit for the exam.