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बस्न्यात परिवार It is known that during the reign of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Shreepali Basnyats of Gorkha were the leading military force. They were either highly ranked officers in the army or key figures in the king's court. King Prithvi Narayan Shah formed an alliance with Basnyat and Pande families of Gorkha in his quest for the unification of Nepal.As per his Divya Upadesh, King Prithvi Narayan is known to have arranged the marriage between Kazi Kehar Singh Basnyat, the second son of Senapati Badabir Shivaram Singh Basnyat, and Chitra Devi, the daughter of Kazi Kalu Pandey. Shivaram Singh Basnyat, who is addressed as Senapati Badabir (Brave Chief of the Army) in all the documents of that era, laid down his life in the battle of Sanga Chowk,at a place called Jahar Singh Pauwa on 24 February 1746 A.D. (12 Falgun 1803 B.S.) 3 km northwest of Nagarkot. Shivram Singh became the first major military leader of Gorkha who was martyred even before Kazi Kalu Pande in the campaign of unification of Nepal. Later, Birangana Shoorprabha Basnyat, widow of Shivram Singh, constructed the Narayan temple in Timal Danda (Kavre) in honour of her husband Senapati Badabir Shivram Singh. 'Birangana' Shoorprabha was a daughter of Bagale Thapa of Gorkha, who raised her four brave sons after the early martyrdom of her husband.The story of Shoor Prabha is written by former Vice Chancellor late Rudra Raj Pandey in his epic "Nepal ka Bir Birangana Haru".