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Article Example
डर्‍म्याटोलोजी Any mole that is irregular in color or shape should be examined by a dermatologist to determine if it is a malignant melanoma, the most serious र life-threatening form of skin cancer. Following a visual examination र a dermatoscopic exam (an invaluable new instrument that illuminates a mole without reflected light), a dermatologist may biopsy a suspicious mole. If it is malignant, it will be excised in the dermatologist's office.
कोठी मानिसको छालामा आउने काला वा अन्य रंगका दानालाई कोठी भनिन्छ |हामीले बुझ्ने कोठी भनेको छालालाई रङ्ग प्रदान गर्ने कोषिका एकै ठाउँमा थुप्रिएर रहने अवस्था हो । यसलाई अङ्ग्रेजीमा मोल :Mole वा निभ्स नः Nevus भनिन्छ । सामान्यतया शरीरको देखिने वा नदेखिने जुनसुकै भागमा कोठी आउन सक्छ । कुनै-कुनै वंशाणुगत रोगमा चाहिँ धेरै मात्रामा कोठी आउन सक्छ ।
डर्‍म्याटोलोजी Dermatology has the obvious benefit of having easy access to tissue for diagnosis. Physical examination is generally done under bright light र preferably involves the whole body. At this stage, the doctor may apply Wood's light, which may aid in diagnosing types of mycosis or demonstrate the extent of pigmented lesions, or use a dermatoscope which enlarges a suspected lesion र visualizes it without reflected light. The dermatoscope is helpful in differentiating a benign naevus from melanoma or a seborrheic keratosis from a mole. A morphological classification of dermatological lesions is important in the diagnosis of dermatological disorders. Dermatologic diagnosis is often dependent upon pattern recognition of lesions र symptoms.