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खगोलशास्त्र There are also astronomers who never look at the sky at all. These "theoretical" astronomers use the laws of physics र mathematics in combination with computers to create "models" of how the universe behaves, then they compare their models to what is observed. Their goal is to understand र predict the events which happen in the universe र how the universe was formed.
साधारण चिकित्सक Family medicine, on the other hand, has evolved only recently in Brazil as a separate specialization of general practice. It is a concept which was adapted from several community health models in Europe, such as in Italy, but particularly the one which was created successfully in Cuba, र which was felt to be the most adequate to Brazilian reality. Around १० years ago, the सरकार recognized that primary health care in Brazil was poorly organized र fraught with many problems, including a lack of attractiveness to young physicians, so a different approach, the Family Health Program ("Programa de Saúde da Família" or PSF) was tried, initially with some failures, but later with increasing strength र coverage. By spending a great deal of money in order to move the program forward, the Ministry of Health expanded र reinforced the public health care system, called Unified Health System ("Sistema Único de Saúde" or SUS) by decentralizing its management to the states र municipalities, by demanding in the Federal Constitution that a minimum percentage of the municipal budget should be spent in free health care to the population, र by setting up a new, multidisciplinary, family health-based system, the PSF. It is essentially based on teams composed by one to four physicians (usually a GP, a gynecologist/obstetrician र a pediatrician), one to two dentists, several nurses र a number of so called Community Health Agents ("Agentes Comunitários de Saúde" or ACS), who are trained lay persons who visit र have close contact with the families covered in a specific geographical location by the PSF team, in order to carry out preventative, educational र epidemiological work. Specific intensive training programs र recruiting efforts were set up in the country in order to form the PSF teams, which currently involve about ३,००० municipalities, with more than ४५,००० teams already in operation; so that it can be considered one of the largest family health programs in the world.