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मुख तथा अनुहार शल्यचिकित्सा The popularity of oral र maxillofacial surgery as a career for persons whose first degree was medicine, not dentistry, seems to be increasing in Australia. Integrated programs are available to medical graduates allowing them to complete a dental degree in about ३–४ years in order for them to advance to surgical training.
पानी Water is a strategic resource for many countries. Many battles and wars, such as the Six-Day War in the Middle East, have been fought to gain access to it. Experts predict more trouble ahead because of the world's growing population, increasing contamination through pollution and global warming.
साधारण चिकित्सक There is very little private family medicine practice in Canada. Most FPs are remunerated via their Provincial सरकार health plans, via a variety of payment mechanisms, including fee-for-service, salaried positions, र alternate payment plans. There is increasing interest in the latter as a means to promote best practices within a managed economic environment. As standard office practice has become less financially viable in recent years, many FPs now pursue areas of special interest. In rural areas, the majority of FPs still provide a broad, well-rounded scope of practice. Manpower inequities in rural areas are now being addressed with some innovative training र inducement mechanisms. An imbalance between physician manpower र a growing patient load has resulted in orphan patients who find it difficult to access primary care, but this is not unique to Canada.
२००४ एएफसी एसिया कप Throughout the tournament, most Chinese fans in the stadia expressed anti-Japanese sentiments by drowning out the Japanese national anthem, displaying political banners and booing whenever Japan got the ball, regardless of the score or opponent. This was reported by the international media, and was aggravated when Koji Nakata apparently knocked in the ball with his right hand in the final against China. The PRC government responded by calling for restraint and increasing police numbers to maintain order. The Japanese government also called on the PRC to ensure the safety of Japanese fans, while specifically asking Japanese nationals or people of Japanese origin to not display any form of excessive pride, especially wearing Japan national football team uniforms. Despite the Chinese government's campaign, a riot started by Chinese fans broke out near the north gate of the Beijing Worker's Stadium, though reports differ as to the extent of the riot. As a result, some media groups have said that displays of "excessive Chinese nationalism during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics have become a cause for concern for Chinese officials".
साधारण चिकित्सक Family medicine, on the other hand, has evolved only recently in Brazil as a separate specialization of general practice. It is a concept which was adapted from several community health models in Europe, such as in Italy, but particularly the one which was created successfully in Cuba, र which was felt to be the most adequate to Brazilian reality. Around १० years ago, the सरकार recognized that primary health care in Brazil was poorly organized र fraught with many problems, including a lack of attractiveness to young physicians, so a different approach, the Family Health Program ("Programa de Saúde da Família" or PSF) was tried, initially with some failures, but later with increasing strength र coverage. By spending a great deal of money in order to move the program forward, the Ministry of Health expanded र reinforced the public health care system, called Unified Health System ("Sistema Único de Saúde" or SUS) by decentralizing its management to the states र municipalities, by demanding in the Federal Constitution that a minimum percentage of the municipal budget should be spent in free health care to the population, र by setting up a new, multidisciplinary, family health-based system, the PSF. It is essentially based on teams composed by one to four physicians (usually a GP, a gynecologist/obstetrician र a pediatrician), one to two dentists, several nurses र a number of so called Community Health Agents ("Agentes Comunitários de Saúde" or ACS), who are trained lay persons who visit र have close contact with the families covered in a specific geographical location by the PSF team, in order to carry out preventative, educational र epidemiological work. Specific intensive training programs र recruiting efforts were set up in the country in order to form the PSF teams, which currently involve about ३,००० municipalities, with more than ४५,००० teams already in operation; so that it can be considered one of the largest family health programs in the world.