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२०१३ फिफा कन्फेडेरेसन कप In the knockout stage, if a match was level at the end of normal playing time, extra time would be played (two periods of 15 minutes each) and followed, if necessary, by a penalty shoot-out to determine the winner.
ओन्कोलोजी It depends completely on the nature of the tumor identified what kind of therapeutical intervention will be necessary. Certain disorders will require immediate admission र chemotherapy (such as ALL or AML), while others will be followed up with regular physical examination र blood tests.
आकस्मिक चिकित्सा Allopathic (M.D.) emergency medicine residencies can be ३ or ४ years in length, combining both the internship र residency into one program or "१+३," utilizing a separate internship followed by ३ years of Emergency Medicine. Osteopathic (D.O.) residencies are four years in length, requiring a one year traditional rotating internship followed by a three-year emergency medicine residency. In addition to the didactic exposure, much of an emergency medicine residency involves rotating through other specialties with a majority of such rotations through the emergency department itself. By the end of their training, EPs are expected to handle a vast field of medical, surgical, र psychiatric emergencies. EPs are therefore both clinical generalists र well-rounded diagnosticians. EPs are considered specialists in advance cardiac life support protocols ('codes') र airway management.
मुख तथा अनुहार शल्यचिकित्सा Traditionally training in Oral र Maxillofacial Surgery in the UK was of four years duration र was regarded as a discipline of dentistry alone. Trainees would emerge with a Fellowship in Dental Surgery from one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (England, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ireland) र the entitlement to use the FDSRCS title. Training in Australia र New Zealand followed a similar pathway, with four years of clinical training but this time generally administrated through universities, earning a Master of Dental Science degree.
हाडजोर्नी शल्यचिकित्सा In the United States र Canada orthopedic surgeons (also know as orthopedists) complete a minimum of १३ years of postsecondary education र clinical training. This training includes obtaining an undergraduate degree, a medical degree, र then completing a ५-year residency in orthopedic surgery. The ५-year residency consists of one year of general surgery training followed by four years of training in orthopaedic surgery.
आकस्मिक चिकित्सा Many types of physicians may practice in an Emerency Department; however, only those who have successfully passed the board certification process are considered "Emergency Medicine Specialists". Currently the ABEM र AOBEM require a number of years of residency training after medical school, followed by comprehensive written र oral examinations. The BCEM requires (in addition to passing written र oral examinations) completion of an ACGME approved residency in an approved specialty such as Family Medicine or Internal Medicine, ५ years of the practice of emergency medicine, १० Peer reviewed case reports, current ATLS/PALS/ACLS certification र ३ letters of recommendation from peers.
मुख तथा अनुहार शल्यचिकित्सा However in the १९८०s र १९९०s due to changing trends in the practice of oral र maxillofacial surgery around the world, legislative changes occurred, first in the UK र followed shortly by Australia र New Zealand, whereby in order to train in Oral र Maxillofacial Surgery, applicants needed to be dually qualified with undergraduate degrees in dentistry र medicine. This represented official recognition of the unique position Oral र Maxillofacial Surgery occupies at the interface of the "traditionally medical" र "traditionally dental" spheres of health care.
मुख तथा अनुहार शल्यचिकित्सा Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) in India is a post-graduate degree in Dentistry. The prospective surgeon has to take an examination to enter an undergraduate program in dentistry. This course is usually ४ years long. Upon completion of the program, the student has to do a १ year internship in a dental college to get the BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery). In order to specialize in OMFS, the student has to take another examination to enter a ३-year MDS (Masters in Dental Surgery) program. During this period the student does a residency in general medicine, anaesthesia, general surgery, र neurosurgery . A dissertation has to submitted as part of the master's degree, र is followed by a theory exam र practical surgery exam. The degree is conferred after he is found eligible by the examiners.
डर्‍म्याटोलोजी A minimum of १२ years of college र post graduate training is required to become a dermatologist in the United States र Canada. This includes graduation from a ४-year college, a ४-year medical school followed by a year of post graduate training in medicine, surgery or pediatrics (called an internship) after which a physician may apply for admission to graduate dermatology residency training. Dermatology residencies are among the most competitive. Following the successful completion of formal residency training in dermatology (३ years) the physician is qualified to take certifying board examinations (written र oral) by the American Board of Dermatology or the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology. Once board certified, dermatologists become Diplomates of the American Board of Dermatology or the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology AOCD. They are then eligible to apply for fellowship status in the American Academy of Dermatology. Some dermatologists undertake advanced subspecialty training in programs known as fellowships after completion of their residency training. These fellowships are either one or two years in duration. Fellowships in dermatology include pediatric dermatology, surgical dermatology including MOHS micrographic surgery, dermatopathology (pathology of skin diseases) र dermatological immunology.