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procedure    0.993714

perform    0.993177

infections    0.992910

surgically    0.992862

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together    0.992099

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नेपाली विकिपीडियाको गाइडलाइन I suggest you to follow the following steps to create the article.
ओन्कोलोजी Whilst most complementary therapies are harmless र even beneficial, they can be expensive. They may also be positively harmful if the patient forgoes conventional treatment altogether, in order to follow alternative regimens. Some alternative regimens are undoubtedly hazardous.
ओन्कोलोजी A large segment of the oncologist's workload is the following-up of cancer patients who have been successfully treated. For some cancers, early identification of recurrence, with prompt treatment, can lead to better survival र quality of life. It depends on the nature of the cancer whether the follow-up lasts a number of years or remains "life long".
साधारण चिकित्सक In France, the médecin généraliste (commonly called "docteur") is responsible for the long term care in a population. This implies prevention, education, care of the diseases र traumas that do not require a specialist, र orientation towards a specialist when necessary. They also follow the severe diseases day-to-day (between the acute crises that require the intervention of a specialist).
मृगौलाशास्त्र Most diseases affecting the kidney are not limited to the organ itself, but are systemic disorders. Nephrology concerns itself with the diagnosis of kidney disease र its treatment (medication, dialysis), र follow-up of renal transplant patients. Additionally, most nephrologists consider themselves to be expert in the care of electrolyte disorders र hypertension. Given that most renal conditions are chronic, nephrologists "grow with their patients".
समय क्षेत्र Standard time zones can be defined by geometrically subdividing the Earth's spheroid into २४ lunes (wedge-shaped sections), bordered by meridians each १५° of longitude apart. The local time in neighbouring zones would differ by one hour. However, political र geographical practicalities can result in irregularly-shaped zones that follow political boundaries or that change their time seasonally (as with daylight saving time), as well as being subject to occasional redefinition as political conditions change.