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विकिपिडिया:चौतारी (प्राविधिक)/अभिलेख १ I purpose File mover user group for Nepali Wiki. Assigning this group membership to trustable user will make experienced in working with files to rename them, subject to policy. Most of the wiki have this user group already.
नेपाल राष्ट्रिय फुटबल टिम After the marquee appointments of Graham Roberts, Nepal had experienced a fair amount of success following the decade of decline. Nepal won Saff U-19 championship in 2015 and 3 major tournaments in 2016, the Bangabandhu Cup and the AFC Solidarity Cup and won a Gold medal in 2016 South Asian Games. Nepal didn't lose any match in 2016.
आकस्मिक चिकित्सा The American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) also offers Board Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM). This certification is offered to experienced physicians who have completed residency training in related primary care fields, who have more than ५ years of full-time emergency medicine experience, are certified in ACLS/PALS/ATLS courses, provide letters of recommendation, र file १० case reports - all required prior to passing both written र oral tests. The ABPS certification is more widely recognized in rural र suburban hospitals. The 'grandfathering-in' of other experienced non-residency trained physicians practicing emergency medicine was closed off from ABEM र AOBEM several years ago, likewise from BCEM if the doctor has not completed a residency. Currently (as of ७/०६), only the state of Florida has recognized BCEM at the state medical board level, but many hospitals across the country do recognize BCEM.